Our Firm is founded in 1963 , by Mr. Haci Mehmet Kavusan , as a Food and Agriculture&Farm Store , and then became a Corporation in 1987 with The General Management of Mr. Yusuf Kavusan.

In 1992 , company began to build a production base , to produce Agriculture&Farm Machines and Tolls with modern technology.By year 2000 our production base became a 1000 Milking Machines / per month producing factory , in a 2000 m2 field.



  Our products are preferred inside and outside of the Country, due to their reliable,hygienic and user friendly structures.
  We are fully dedicated to keep a high quality service to Our Customers ,with full spare parts guaranty
and broad Customer Support Services.
   Our company produces and sales ; 12 different type of Milking Machines , Fodder Splitters and Automated Cow Watering Systems.Our products are certified by University Uludag and Turkish Standards Institutes (Cert# TSE 4798)